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Jahziel Manabat Impressing Guys once again

I honestly believe this could be one of the most epic jahziel manabat pic of the century(as of the moment). Not because it displays the super bumped front side but because she just look different on this one. Well, the quality speaks of itself but my distorted view of Jahziel Manabat is getting straightened. But please don’t get me wrong I still prefer chinitas over her kind of beauty. Anyway this is one epic picture of Jahziel Manabat and I know Boys will start Fapping once they saw this pic of If not, they might be drooling while imagining silly things over this girl. I suggest that if you don’t want to drool then you can just download this psp games download page which showcases lots of cool psp games of the decade.

Kids and Boner

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]I just lol’d when I saw this image with this young boy. I think it’s hardwired in the genes, boys will always be boys even kids this young are active enough to understand on why the heck they’re getting a boner. Well, for no apparent reason and without proper understanding about TSECKS they just can’t control their little hormones. For sure at young age they’ll be seeing Pinay Scandals which could aggravate their hormonal imbalance at a very young age. Please don’t leave your child unnattended before they grow up with ragin hormones

Pinay Scandal’s Beautiful Babes collection part 1

Just as I promised you guys, I’ve been digging to the internet looking for beautiful filipina babes and here’s part 1 of the post where some really lucious chikas that you’ll surely love. I got a hard time looking for it in the internet and google images are really helpful when it comes to this. I’ve been offline for so long so I’ll gonna boost up my blog and add some blogs too. I’m still busy optimizing keywords in my main blog so I rarely update now. Anyway I’ll stop optimizing my money pages as of the moment and add more money pages in my main blog. I’m planning to update my theme but it seems that I don’t have time to code yet, and PHP is not my language of choice. Well, I’ll be back more for this cool stuff. Visit my pinay scandal collection guys and my psp games download money page.

Elen Adarna Video

The girl’s been popular for so long in the philippine internet community. Well I just want to share this video cause I’m so lazy looking for images of this girl. Well, she’s really really beautiful but still not my type. I still prefer asian look with chinita eyes! It’s just that ellen adarna’s beauty is not that striking to me. Anway guys I’m sorry for not updating too much. I’m doing some link building to other keywords. You can take a look to my psp games archive if you want to. I’m still doing some optimizations in pinay scandal but not that much though. I think I need to enrich more focus to other keywords as google will just reward me(if ever) in my pinay scandal posts. Cause I’m not spamming and I just deliver good content. Well, that’s all for it guys, By the way I’ve collected some pictures to a new girl just watch out for future post

Does Jahziel manabat have fake bumpers?

I got some dillemma over jahziel manabat’s bumpers? If you’ll see in the pictures it seems very small compared to her bumpers now. Am I right or I’m seeing things in a different perspective. The Idea of having fake boobies is not possible but if you’ll see her boobies are really natural looking. If it’s fake then the surgeon is definitely an epic surgeon. If it’s natural then it just grew like damn!. Well jahziel’s pinay scandal moments are good enough don’t you think? If you haven’t seen the close to real pinay scandal then you have to see it here in my blog. Just browse the archives of my blog cause i’m too lazy to link it. And before I forget my psp games download are epic too
Alodia and the epic Pocky

  I was thinking which anime does this pocky thing came from but well Alodia’s attention is still the best distraction for me after all. Her total white outfit coupled with the best smile is a sure proof of being the queen of cosplay. Anyway I think the POCKY box intimidates most of the male fans because they’re thinking green about it. Well, it sounds really really funny so yeah I thought the pocky box is like an aphrodisiac of some sort. Well my psp games download is in my archive page guys I hope you better take a look at it too.

FHM 3d babes pics

For the fans of the magazine i present to you the mostly searched babes in fhm magazine and they are now available online. If you’re wondering on why the pictures look odd, it’s because it’s specifically built to be seen with 3d glasses or any thing that would help you reassociate the pics for full utilization in 3d. This means more mind boggling and eye straining exercises for you because if you have some 3d phireperals in there then it’s more suited for you to enjoy the pics. Fox extra added depth and best experience wear your 3d glasses now for a much fuller experience. Although in my own opinion 3d images are not that satisfying compared in films cause 3d is not that good in still images. Well, there’s nothing to hurt if you have 3d glasses there. Pinay Scandal is just here to have your minds working with the pics. So just enjoy the fun!
Some Doggy Love

Just got a cool pic showing a doggy love to it’s owner!. Most of you by now loved to be a dog with an owner like this? I really can’t blame you guys if you want to have a super owner with that enchanting outfit.

Gretchen Fullido: The hottest reporter

The hottest reporter I think in the philippines is gretchen fullido. The very time i saw her appearance in philipine tv i just can’t wait to see her name and get some really sick information about her. Anyway Gretchen Fullido is really really hot and her bumper caught so much attention to the masses. Anyway I haven’t seen any active fan page of her in the facebook so if you’re really a hardcore fan of her then you can make an active one for her. I also expected that she’ll have some scandal of some sort but not a single video of her was there. Gretchen Fullido was really an eye candy in philippine TV and too cool that she doesn’t have any Pinay Scandal
Gallery Is Back: The Sorai Aoi Must Beat

For all of you guys, porn followers and AV stalkers. Here are some Sora Aoi Pictures for you to watch all day. It’s been days since I haven’t posted a nice gallery of babes in PInay scandal’s posterous blog so I’m here to fill my babe hub with some gorgeous pictures so you can have some really cool saturday morning. Anyway i hope you enjoyed my shared videos here in the blog, Hyuna’s Change and Shinees Power moves is there in my blog archives if you haven’t watch it. I’m starting to make a psp blog here in posterous for another link adventure moment but hey I won’t spam. I’ll plug my pinay scandal archive page again guys if you haven’t linked with it yet then you can link it to your blog.