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A Super Sexy dance by black Queen

The past blog post i had displayed some really cool power moves which makes it really special. Shinee is really talented and their members are totally pros. Anyway if you’ve been dissapointed of the last post since you’re looking for an all girls dance session then I present to you a counter post to the past one and this is something you’ll definitely not ignore. Korean Dance and Song “Change” has been topping charts for so long yet worldwide recognition has not been achieved. I pitty those westeners for not knowing that such great dance exists. Anyway Here’s blackqueen and the gang for a perfect sychronization of the Dance change. I tell you guys this dance will give you a boner.

Shinee’s Power Moves!

Yes! this post is not lost, I included it in my posterous blog because it needed attention. To all my readers I’m sorry to tell you that this blog post is kind gay if you’re looking for some babes. But hell! the dance is superb. execution,timing,powermoves and anything that defines greatness is akin to the video itself. Please watch the video and be amazed. P.S. I won’t be deleting this post, it’s awesomeness is just enough to be included here

Alodia Gosiengfiao’s facebook got banned

I still don’t know the reason on why facebook moderators deleted alodia gosiengfiao’s account. Fans are dismayed on what happened and blogs all over the country are asking for petition to get back Alodia’s account. Well I know that facebook is having a recent testing phase to their account deletion feature and it seems that alodia gosiengfiao’s beloved facebook account seems to be target. Or perhaps someone just asked for Alodia gosiengfiaos account to get banned cause a parent caught their child fapping in front of the monitor while looking at alodia gosiengfiao’s picture. Well, Sorry Alodia, Pinay scandal blog is really sad to hear about it.

Jehziel Manabat Overload!

I have to admt that this jahziel manabat’s gallery here is one of the most attractive collection of her self taken pics. The boobies are really distracting and almost all of her pics, the boobies took up all the space in the images. I’m now thinkin of who’s the lucky guy that could be smashin around them. Anyway the bitchy side of jahziel manabat is enevitable and I think a couple of apperances of her in philippine mag would put her in tv appearances. filipinos are dumb and uses physical apperance to measure will click in the masses. That’s one thing I hate about in this country, the media is not maturing compared to other developed countries. Anyway It’s been a long time since I updated this blog, I’ll be updating more this coming weeks and Pinay Scandal will be back again for more goodies to share.
Christine Reyes Overload

I just don’t get the reason why girls with their pants and bikini makes my jaw drop. I mean what the heck was that effect in which you have to see a girl in bikini coupled with open shorts make my blood boil. Take a look for example this christine reyes pic which is the perfect definition for what i call super bikini combo!. The boobies and the perfect body shape is ofcourse a key to jaw dropping and eye popping aftermath. Some may say it’s christine reyes you noob? but I’m no christine reyes fan but it’s just perfect to see her like that. Anyway this is pinay scandal posterous and I think I’m getting bolder with my thoughts i think I need to volume down a little. Anyway just enjoy the scenery guyz.

Getting Back With Maja Salvador: Bikini Edition

Way back a couple of days ago, I introduced you guys to a sizzling picture of Maja salvador, now for the 2nd time, maja is again featured for not so hot but impressive posses in a zebra like bikini. I know that this is nothing compared to majas super short shorts picture but then it’s maja salvador we’re talking here and you’ll seldom see her in a bikini guys. She’s beautiful and innocent which is perfect for a role model stand point. Even in bikini Maja Salvador preserves her conservative look. Two thumbs up for you Maja! Proud to be your fan and ofcourse not featured dirtily here in pinay scandal posterous of Satoshi. Woot!
Am not your average VJ: Andi Manzano

A compilation of Andi Manzano pics proved to be a worthwhile gig for me, Just staring on her cute face doesn’t need any reasons for why I have to collect Andi Manzano’s pictures all over the internet. She reminds me of Karel Marquez, the shape of her face the way she projects on television is very reminiscent to Karel Marquez, the question now is where’s Karel Marquez? The fact that she’s been part of a scandalous video that you can find in pinay scandal sites is one good reason why she’s not that active anymore in primetime tv. But then again, Hell do I care if there’s Andi Manzano around which is more than enough to replace Karel Marquez. Too bad for Karel, Anyway she’s a VJ and a model and guesss what? Awesome hotness for the fans. She really looks very innocent and that’s why guys loves Andi Manzano’s appealing aura. She’s more than just a model for some, she’s like a super cool idol for most of her pinoy fans. She’s not mixed in any scandal and that’s really good for her. Stay away for pinay scandal Andai! It’s for your own good.
Misa Campo gallery: overflowing hotness

I forgot to update my posterous blog last night so I’ll be posting some goodies today and to heat things up, It’s Misa Campo gallery. Yes guys the ultimately hot half pinay model is here in pinay scandal posterous to get you some serious brain damage and overflowing nose bleeds. It’s been 4 years now since I know this girl and she never cease to amaze me with her beautiful body. Accept the fact! she’s ultimately gorgeous and beautiful all I just wish for is to get her in an acting career. Modeling is good to her but then a serious acting workshop would suffice to get her in the hollywood or movie business maybe? Well, Megan Fox sucks when she’s in the first transformers movie but then it’s instant superstar for her not because of her acting skills but because of her super hot body. Just drop a comment guys if you agree with me. Misa campo is ultimately hot!
Finally a Scandal: Jahziel Manabat on her early years

Yeah, this is really a scandal, for all of you who’s wishing for a jahziel manabat scandal then here are some scandalous pictures worth thinking if she’s really Jahziel Manabat. But it seem she’s really the real Jahziel Manabat which I featured a couple of days back. She’s too young in this picture with her boyfriend maybe? Anyway her boobs have grown a lot compared here which you call flats. So yey! congratulations Jahziel manabat to be the very first true Pinay Scandal featured in my posterous account. This isn’t really a scandal but heck do I care It’s for your own enjoyment guys. And for the girls this would be a lesson for you, delete all scandalous picture you had with your boyfies or people will start thinking of bad things about you. It’s still beter to not have a pinay scandal right?
Charee Pineda Pinay scandal moment

The last post about Denice Laurel and Charee Pineda gave me an idea to make a gallery about pinay scandal’s Charee Pineda. Yup, it’s one of my crushes Charee Pineda with a few pictures of her beautiful face. The gallery is not that extensive but still good pinay scandal moment for you who wants to take a closer look at charee’s beautiful face. Well there might be some of you who got some great photos of charee then you can contact me in my posterous account if you like. She’s really really beautiful and I like her cute innocent look. For the people who’s looking for pinay scandal then you can’t find anything here so you can get out of my blog cause you won’t find anything. You can’t find pinay scandal videos here so just enjoy Charee Pineda’s gallery if I were you